Event Date:  October 1, 2016
Event Location:  Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, Paris, Ontario Canada
Time:  8:45 a.m Opening Ceremonies
9:15 a.m Childrens Race
9:30 a.m Official Race Start
Distances:  1km Children’s Race, 25K Run, 50K Run and 50K Relay Team
Event Contact Info:   Phone 519-576-1824   EMAIL sarson@toadpatrol.com

Online registration will close at midnight on September 16, 2016 or when the entry limit has been reached

**IMPORTANT-Please Read**

If you do not see your name in the list AND you registered online
please email toad@onlineregistrations.ca

Number of entries to date: 1220 (Does not include Toad Pals)
Confirmed online entries sorted by last name.

Toad Pals (1km Children’s Race)
Name City Event
Adam, Erin Ayr Toad Pals
Banks, Piper Lucan Toad Pals
Banks, Jacqui Lucan Toad Pals
Barker, Violet Oakville Toad Pals
Barker, Julia Oakville Toad Pals
Barlen, Henry Kitchener Toad Pals
Barros, Ryan Cambridge Toad Pals
Barros, Ava Cambridge Toad Pals
Baty, Lily Kitchener Toad Pals
Cassey, Mj Acton Toad Pals
Cole, Sam Millbrook Toad Pals
Collins, Reese Waterloo Toad Pals
Cooke-bithrey, Landyn Burlington Toad Pals
Cooke-bithrey, Gavyn Burlington Toad Pals
De Sousa, Deacon London Toad Pals
Diaz, Ainsley Perras Toronto Toad Pals
Divell, Jack Cambridge Toad Pals
Dussault, Sapphire Norwich Toad Pals
Dussault, Desiree Norwich Toad Pals
Eisses, Cooper Midhurst Toad Pals
Eisses, Briar Midhurst Toad Pals
Esposito, Noah Paris Toad Pals
Flemister, Mikah Ayr Toad Pals
Forst, Sidney Toronto Toad Pals
French, Ella Guelph Toad Pals
Gal, Hudson Paris Toad Pals
Gal, Colton Paris Toad Pals
Gallo, Gabriella Hamilton Toad Pals
Gallo, Gianna Hamilton Toad Pals
Gandhi Nott, Dev Toronto Toad Pals
Goss, James Cambridge Toad Pals
Greenspoon, Sofie Hamilton Toad Pals
Greenspoon, Nora Hamilton Toad Pals
Hall, Jake Brantford Toad Pals
Hall, Wyatt Brantford Toad Pals
Hall, Cohen Dundas Toad Pals
Handel, Mason Milton Toad Pals
Henderson, Sophie Georgetown Toad Pals
Hillis, Duncan London Toad Pals
Hillis, Sarah London Toad Pals
Hoysa, Sadie Milton Toad Pals
Hoysa, Austin Milton Toad Pals
Hreljac, Penelope Paris Toad Pals
Hreljac, Hannah Paris Toad Pals
Johnson, Kamrynn Brantford Toad Pals
Johnson, Owen Brantford Toad Pals
Krause, Fiona Waterloo Toad Pals
Krause, Grayson Waterloo Toad Pals
Laroche, Elia Oakville Toad Pals
Laroche, Naomi Oakville Toad Pals
Lemieux, Skyler Guelph Toad Pals
Lemieux, Amberlynn Guelph Toad Pals
Leskien, Clara Cambridge Toad Pals
Leskien, Tessa Cambridge Toad Pals
Leskien, Ella Cambridge Toad Pals
Macleod, Isla Cambridge Toad Pals
Macleod, Lewis Cambridge Toad Pals
Mcalpine, Gordon London Toad Pals
Mcalpine, Lucy London Toad Pals
Mccool, Reid Paris Toad Pals
Mccool, Emma Paris Toad Pals
McEachern, Kyle Waterloo Toad Pals
McEachern, Kate Waterloo Toad Pals
Melcher, Griffin Waterloo Toad Pals
Melcher, Carter Waterloo Toad Pals
Melcher, Gracie Mae Waterloo Toad Pals
Morin, Phoebe North Bay Toad Pals
Morin, Ava North Bay Toad Pals
Morphet, Katelyn Waterloo Toad Pals
Morphet, Lauren Waterloo Toad Pals
Morrison, Sébastien Caledonia Toad Pals
Neill, Kingston Kitchener Toad Pals
Nelson, Elliot Toronto Toad Pals
Nelson, Thomas Toronto Toad Pals
Nicholson, Ruby Kitchener Toad Pals
Nicholson, Oliver Kitchener Toad Pals
Nielsen, Alexander Kitchener Toad Pals
Nielsen, William Kitchener Toad Pals
Obal, Charlotte Pickering Toad Pals
Obal, Liam Pickering Toad Pals
Ouellette, Carly Ancaster Toad Pals
Ouellette, Casey Ancaster Toad Pals
Pratt, Alona Brantford Toad Pals
Robb, Sydney Waterford Toad Pals
Robb, Haiden Waterford Toad Pals
Robertson, Claire Breslau Toad Pals
Robertson, Avery Breslau Toad Pals
Sayles, Brianna Ayr Toad Pals
Schedler, Noah Brantford Toad Pals
Schedler, Isaac Brantford Toad Pals
Schenk-edamura, Ellie Toronto Toad Pals
Schenk-edamura, Freya Toronto Toad Pals
Shisler, Oakley Brantford Toad Pals
Straus, Sophie Paris Toad Pals
Straus, Madison Paris Toad Pals
Verspagen, Andrew St Clements Toad Pals
Villanoy, Maika Toronto Toad Pals
Villanoy, Mateo Toronto Toad Pals
Vogt, Mexihano Brampton Toad Pals
Vogt, Lillijana Brampton Toad Pals
Watson, Evan Paris Toad Pals
Watson, Owen Paris Toad Pals
Weatherall, Sophie Waterloo Toad Pals
50K Run
Bib # Name City Event Team Name
369 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Ironwoods
363 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Eastern Pines
374 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Eastern Red Cedars
364 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Poplars
373 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Mountain Ash's
365 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Black Walnuts
372 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Tamaracks
371 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Silver Maples
366 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Black Ashes
367 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Bitternut Hickory's
370 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Jack Pines
368 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Butternuts
362 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Stalwart Oaks
358 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Flowering Dogwoods
356 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team The Basswoods
359 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Balsam Firs
360 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Eastern Hemlocks
361 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Sugar Maples
355 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Trembling Aspens
357 , Waterloo Region 50km Relay Team Shag Bark Hickories
317 Aarlev, Mette Cobourg 50km Relay Team Flyygrrls
310 Adam, Fletcher Ayr 50km Relay Team WTF.....we thought it was a 5K
82 Amyotte, Karen-anne North Bay 50km Run
152 Arban, Tom Toronto 50km Run
132 Ashby, Eric Toronto 50km Run
323 Ashton, Jordan Paris 50km Relay Team The Down Undas
115 Bassett, Daryl Brampton 50km Run
139 Battaglia, Chris Barrie 50km Run
97 Baty, Brian Kitchener 50km Run
24 Bauman, Trevor Elmira 50km Run
80 Baxter, Robert Kitchener 50km Run
128 Baylis, Vikki Burlington 50km Run
4 Behnke, Bernadette Toronto 50km Run
30 Bell, Darren Lakeview 50km Run
37 Berg, Neil Toronto 50km Run
32 Bergman, Jesse Guelph 50km Run
70 Blanchard, Jesse Toronto 50km Run
50 Blanchett, Sara Kitchener 50km Run
331 Blank, Kim Burlington 50km Relay Team Doin It In the Dirt
91 Booth, Amanda Kitchener 50km Run
18 Bosett, Jason Hamilton 50km Run
322 Branscombe, Trevor Scotland 50km Relay Team Uncle Trevors Trail Donkeys
326 Brocklebank, Sue Paris 50km Relay Team GRCA Toad Runners
321 Brydon, Rosanna Ancaster 50km Relay Team The Dine Around Club
54 Buike, Rodney Burlington 50km Run
320 Bulten, Debbie Cambridge 50km Relay Team Ultrachicks
147 Burke, Daniel Port Colborne 50km Run
71 Cameron, Christopher Toronto 50km Run
66 Charbonneau, Vincent Burlington 50km Run
11 Chartrand, Laura Denver Colorado USA 50km Run
116 Chenery, Paul Toronto 50km Run
342 Childs, Mark Wallaceburg 50km Relay Team The Defiant
376 Chung, Joan Toronto 50km Relay Team B Champs
300 Cinti, Amberley St George 50km Relay Team Stahlbaum Streakers
100 Cleary, Joe Georgetown 50km Run
343 Cogghe, Sarah Wallaceburg 50km Relay Team Butts and Nuts
158 Colasuonno, Heather Ajax 50km Run
56 Conquer, Suzanne Guelph 50km Run
81 Coomber, Ross Simcoe 50km Run
47 Cooper, Leanne Mississauga 50km Run
120 Cooper, Jeff Thornhill 50km Run
102 Cowan, Jill Woodstock 50km Run
35 Crowe, Dave Mississauga 50km Run
327 Cunningham, Doug Waterloo 50km Relay Team Runners by Choice
105 Darcy, Eric Mississauga 50km Run
134 Dawdy, Sarah Strathroy 50km Run
48 Day, Tim Amaranth 50km Run
106 De Sousa, Brock London 50km Run
1 Desjardins, Jean Angus 50km Run
157 Di Folco, Helen Simcoe 50km Run
69 Dodgson, Ross Grimsby 50km Run
313 Dove, Jackie Caledonia 50km Relay Team Kiss My Assphalt
76 Drost, Rachael Waterloo 50km Run
83 Duca, Lumi Waterloo 50km Run
60 England, Gord Toronto 50km Run
308 Esposito, Js Paris 50km Relay Team Brant Death Racers
345 Esposito, Erin Paris 50km Relay Team Babes of BDR
131 Esposti, Craig Milton 50km Run
309 Farrell, Adrienne Kitchener 50km Relay Team The Running Rarebits
94 Fischer, Rose Hamilton 50km Run
93 Fischer, Patrick Hamilton 50km Run
43 Fleming, Fiona Winnipeg 50km Run
59 Flint, Ryan Guelph 50km Run
86 Forst, Steve Toronto 50km Run
22 Fortin, Jenny Lynn Val Caron 50km Run
21 Fortin, Andre Val Caron 50km Run
124 Frisch, Claudia Toronto 50km Run
67 Gehl, Ronald Kitchener 50km Run
349 Genest, Alex Guelph 50km Relay Team Speed River New Balance TFC
329 Gillan, Shawn Guelph 50km Relay Team Daves Boot Campers
302 Gray, Daniel Paris 50km Relay Team PDHS Apathletics
103 Haik, Yaron Toronto 50km Run
118 Halbmeier, Michael Burlington 50km Run
52 Halliwell, Jennifer Waterdown 50km Run
99 Halliwell, Stephen Waterdown 50km Run
150 Hamulecki, Julie Toronto 50km Run
318 Hargest, Stefanie Kitchener 50km Relay Team Stemon Kenlaw
301 Harris, Andrew Cambridge 50km Relay Team Beauties and the Beasts
63 Havens, Barb Stoney Creek 50km Run
122 Hawley, Angie Kingston 50km Run
121 Haynes, Leanne Hanover 50km Run
136 Heleno, Carlos 50km Run
144 Henderson, Mallory Georgetown 50km Run
84 Hickey, Jason Toronto 50km Run
325 Hill, Paula Brantford 50km Relay Team Jedi Academy
73 Hoekstra, Emily Ayr 50km Run
347 Howard, Kristin Waterloo 50km Relay Team Team Break Like The Wind
95 Huang, Kelly Barrie 50km Run
352 Huculak, Emily Brantford 50km Relay Team Friends of BDR
92 Hughes, Lizzy Waterloo 50km Run
14 Hull, Janie Ajax 50km Run
9 Hulsman, Noel Toronto 50km Run
316 Hutchinson, Brent Paris 50km Relay Team Bucket One A
137 Ivison, Toni Milton 50km Run
141 Johnson, David Toronto 50km Run
130 Jones, Lyn Peterborough 50km Run
39 Jones, Don Toronto 50km Run
29 Kaonga, Mwaka Winnipeg 50km Run
16 Karl, Sandra Waterloo 50km Run
36 Karlsson, Gustav Waterdown 50km Run
328 Kessel, Christoph Guelph 50km Relay Team Guelph Victors Toadrunners
77 Kim, Marcia Toronto 50km Run
112 Kimmel, Shawn Cambridge 50km Run
61 Kiriakopoulos, Peter Toronto 50km Run
305 Kolk, Sarah Cambridge 50km Relay Team Two Rivers FIT
41 Koster, Sheila Barrie 50km Run
337 Kwok, Dianne Toronto 50km Relay Team Cake Runners
68 Laidlaw, Norm Grimsby 50km Run
334 Lambert, Adrian Toronto 50km Relay Team Upper Beach Boyz
314 Large, Deirdre Waterloo 50km Relay Team The Running Rarebits 2
108 Larocque, Dave Barrie 50km Run
153 Lightbourn-lay, Lisa Georgetown 50km Run
140 Linton, Geoff Guelph 50km Run
315 Long, Allison Toronto 50km Relay Team The Has Been & The Never Weres
104 Long, Felicia Toronto 50km Run
23 Luca, Cornel Hamilton 50km Run
348 Ma, Zhixian Kitchener 50km Relay Team DJIM-Four ladies
332 Maclean, Doris Burlington 50km Relay Team WHY NOT !
85 Macumber, Leslie Mississauga 50km Run
51 Maier, Hans Stouffville 50km Run
335 Maltby, Bryon Paris 50km Relay Team WTF ers
3 Marfei, David Grimsby 50km Run
2 Martin, Tony Kitchener 50km Run
351 Martin, Bill Port Dover 50km Relay Team D.I.R.T for a Stella
107 Mason, Andy Hagerstown Maryland USA 50km Run
123 Massicotte, Colin St. Catharines 50km Run
58 Mccague, Jennifer Alliston 50km Run
28 Mccallum, Kimberley Winnipeg 50km Run
113 Mccaughrin, Dave Dresden 50km Run
340 Mccool, Renee Paris 50km Relay Team 3 MCCOOLS & RAE
142 Mckechnie, Andrew Georgetown 50km Run
20 Mcneal, Christopher Doylestown PA USA 50km Run
111 Melcher, Ryne North Vancouver BC 50km Run
375 Mels, Brittany Scotland 50km Relay Team Running late but always on time
87 Metzloff, Deanne Atwood 50km Run
88 Meyre, David Ancaster 50km Run
129 Michalak, Les Burlington 50km Run
338 Miller, Wade Hagerstown Maryland USA 50km Relay Team Cumberland Valley Athletic Club
8 Mitchell, Deborah Kitchener 50km Run
143 Mohades, Shirin Toronto 50km Run
138 Monette, Ben Guelph 50km Run
10 Morrison, Jim Thornhill 50km Run
126 Mungall, James Toronto 50km Run
65 Murphy, Ryan Toronto 50km Run
135 Nameth, Mieke Hamilton 50km Run
75 Nott, Greg Toronto 50km Run
17 Omwenga, Thomas Hamilton 50km Run
341 Ouellette, Doug Ancaster 50km Relay Team Nautical Disaster
154 Pare, Guillaume Oakville 50km Run
114 Paris, David Toronto 50km Run
5 Parker, Howard Sarborough 50km Run
7 Parsons, Roger St Jacobs 50km Run
79 Patterson, Glen Hamilton 50km Run
148 Peers, Rich Kitchener 50km Run
33 Perrott, Alan Edmonton 50km Run
38 Quinlan, Teresa Kitchener 50km Run
336 Quosai, Peter Etobicoke 50km Relay Team Capybara Whisperers
146 Randall, Brenden Courtice 50km Run
31 Rasmussen, Blake Toronto 50km Run
44 Raz, Kristi Woodlawn 50km Run
303 Reaume, Rebecca Lasalle 50km Relay Team Mustang Love
324 Robb, Bryan Waterford 50km Relay Team FastisFun
42 Robinson, Bridget Winnipeg 50km Run
133 Robinson, Maureen Toronto 50km Run
344 Roegiest, Leon Wallaceburg 50km Relay Team Team RIOT(running is our therapy)
311 Rogers, Tina Kitchener 50km Relay Team Amapro
40 Rogers, Michael Brantford 50km Run
96 Romphf, David Barrie 50km Run
89 Salsman, Greg Toronto 50km Run
304 Sawyer, Sheryl Cayuga 50km Relay Team The Quad Squad
26 Schenk, John Toronto 50km Run
49 Schiafone, Clint Gormley 50km Run
354 Scott, Dave Simcoe 50km Relay Team Mugs and Jugs
306 Serra, Gina Hamilton 50km Relay Team Team ER
15 Settimi, Gabe St.Catharines 50km Run
101 Shaw, Glenn Barrie 50km Run
307 Shisler, Mark Brantford 50km Relay Team Busch Tall Boys
155 Sikkema, Jack Hamilton 50km Run
346 Simpson, Melissa Brantford 50km Relay Team Salt & Pepper
333 Singbeil, Cheri Burlington 50km Relay Team The Four Leaf Clovers
72 Slack, Kristina Bonfield 50km Run
330 Smallwood, Andrea Guelph 50km Relay Team 3 Toads and a Tadpole
117 Smith, Bruce Burlington 50km Run
350 Sobolewski, Kelly Brantford 50km Relay Team YA WE ARE!
319 Stark, Adam Princeton 50km Relay Team Stark Industries
145 Stephenson, James Hamilton 50km Run
151 Stuart, Daniel Guelph 50km Run
55 Trepanier, John Belle River 50km Run
125 Tresise, Danny Omemee 50km Run
156 Van Til, Mike Port Dover 50km Run
149 Vandenhoven, Leon Bowmanville 50km Run
353 Veri, Rene Simcoe 50km Relay Team Artois
127 Waddell, Bill Burlington 50km Run
34 Wan, Lisa Edmonton 50km Run
74 Washington, Scott Ayr 50km Run
119 Weinacht, Andrew New Dundee 50km Run
46 Westlake, Shaun Hamilton 50km Run
339 Wilson, Greg Jarvis 50km Relay Team Mary and the Bros
312 Wood, Josh Guelph 50km Relay Team Cool Runnings
64 Wright, Carl Hillsdale 50km Run
110 Zuker, Michael Toronto 50km Run


Bib # Name City Event
805 Andrews-maas, Theresia Oakville 12.5km Walk
756 Araujo, Elizabeth Kitchener 25km Walk
1086 Armstrong, Amber Tecumseh 12.5km Walk
1004 Baldwin, Tamara Brockville 12.5km Walk
1153 Ballantine, Lynne Toronto 12.5km Walk
1001 Beaton, Susan Waterloo 25km Walk
563 Bennett, Tracy Toronto 12.5km Walk
1180 Berg, Tammy 12.5km Walk
934 Bill, Kelly Jarvis 25km Walk
499 Blake, Cindy Oakville 12.5km Walk
750 Bosman, Jane Kitchener 25km Walk
513 Bove, Mary Lou London 12.5km Walk
584 Brown, Trixie Brampton 12.5km Walk
948 Canning, Karen Oakville 12.5km Walk
950 Carey, Trina Oakville 12.5km Walk
786 Charland, Laura Wellesley 12.5km Walk
1003 Clement, Jane Trenton 12.5km Walk
886 Coull, Karen Oakville 12.5km Walk
910 Creighton, Geoffrey Oakville 12.5km Walk
601 Croxford, Ruth Toronto 12.5km Walk
891 Damman, Dianne Waterloo 25km Walk
987 Davis, Sylvie Milton 25km Walk
986 Davis, Francine Mississauga 25km Walk
990 Denino, Nancy Oakville 12.5km Walk
614 Drynan, Trish Toronto 12.5km Walk
848 Duncan, Marylouise Ancaster 25km Walk
1124 Eadie, Lisa Kitchener 12.5km Walk
1127 Eadie, Brian Kitchener 12.5km Walk
462 Fortin, Keegan Val Caron 12.5km Walk
1065 Galea, Wendy Oakivlle 12.5km Walk
453 Gallagher, Patrick Vanessa 12.5km Walk
531 Gan, Pina Scarborough 25km Walk
532 Gan, Edward Scarborough 12.5km Walk
503 Garisto, Mary Toronto 12.5km Walk
505 Garisto, Mary Mississauga 12.5km Walk
504 Garisto, Rosanna Toronto 12.5km Walk
983 Gauss, Gary Ajax 12.5km Walk
1163 Graham, Judy Ameliasburg 12.5km Walk
735 Guzar, Rebecca Waterloo 12.5km Walk
585 Hager, Sandra Mississauga 12.5km Walk
1047 Hawkins, Ellen Toronto 12.5km Walk
758 Henderson, Beatrice Picton 25km Walk
757 Henderson, John Picton 25km Walk
783 Hewitt, Barb Toronto 12.5km Walk
1078 Hilton, Ian Mississauga 12.5km Walk
692 Holder, Michelle Toronto 12.5km Walk
958 Holloway, Zeke Mississauga 12.5km Walk
613 Hominuk, Rick Toronto 12.5km Walk
1173 Hopkins, Marion Parksville 12.5km Walk
1121 Hum, Bob Toronto 12.5km Walk
1035 Isaacs, Justin Brantford 12.5km Walk
1111 Josie, Greg Keswick 12.5km Walk
610 King, Dawn-marie Toronto 12.5km Walk
650 Krause, Alana Waterloo 12.5km Walk
570 Kunder, Debi Oakville 12.5km Walk
1000 Kuzych, Lissa Waterloo 25km Walk
595 Lakhani, Naz Toronto 25km Walk
518 Lee, Sharon Oshawa 12.5km Walk
824 Leslie, Ross London 25km Walk
1026 Letarte, Diane Tecusmeh 12.5km Walk
1058 Lewis, Susan Kitchener 12.5km Walk
681 Lewis-morden, Eva Thornhill 12.5km Walk
823 Ling, Andrea Waterdown 12.5km Walk
870 Lopez, Karina Oakville 12.5km Walk
1016 Macdonald, Andrew Woodstock 25km Walk
537 Marchand-stayzer, Annette North Bay 12.5km Walk
444 Martz, Melissa Kitchener 25km Walk
949 Mason, Carol Oakville 12.5km Walk
878 Mccarthy, Susan London 12.5km Walk
588 Mchardy-hall, Libby Toronto 12.5km Walk
819 Mclaughlin, Lois Waterloo 12.5km Walk
801 Messer, Susan St. Catharines 25km Walk
736 Milne, Janet Ancaster 25km Walk
1057 Moldovan, Emanuel Burlington 12.5km Walk
1055 Moldovan, Christina Burlington 12.5km Walk
591 Monetta, Angela Oakville 12.5km Walk
429 Morrison, Wilma Thornhill 25km Walk
652 Mowbray, Elaine Waterloo 12.5km Walk
1131 Mullan, Jeff London 25km Walk
1056 Murphy, Trish Dundas 25km Walk
981 Naik, Smita Oakville 12.5km Walk
605 Najak, Ismat Toronto 12.5km Walk
826 Nesbitt, Christa Waterloo 12.5km Walk
484 Niblett, Gillian Oakville 12.5km Walk
517 Nyman, Jill Richmond Hill 12.5km Walk
1006 Ookie, Edie D. Toronto 25km Walk
911 Oswald, Marie Oakville 12.5km Walk
1177 Panagos, Anastasia Aylmer 25km Walk
500 Patterson, Wendy Hamilton 12.5km Walk
550 Peplinski, Paula Waterloo 12.5km Walk
549 Peplinski, John Waterloo 12.5km Walk
1002 Peternel, Helen London 25km Walk
604 Pote, Cathy Oakville 12.5km Walk
514 Powless, Brooke Wilsonville 12.5km Walk
737 Ranalli, Bob Hamilton 12.5km Walk
967 Rollinson, Cindy Waterloo 25km Walk
1170 Ross, Gillian Tiny 12.5km Walk
1093 Rutters, Cynthia Hamilton 12.5km Walk
1043 Sakalla, Taher Waterloo 12.5km Walk
482 Scott, Lee Toronto 25km Walk
931 Shames, Nikki Hamilton 12.5km Walk
1110 Sharpe, Lisa Keswick 12.5km Walk
607 Simons, Susan Toronto 12.5km Walk
648 Singh, Tyra Kitchener 12.5km Walk
647 Singh, Lynda Kitchener 12.5km Walk
581 Stephanian, Greg Toronto 12.5km Walk
927 Stevens, Joyce Elmira 25km Walk
1178 Telfer, Monique Aylmer 25km Walk
667 Turchetti, Maria Teresa Scarborough 12.5km Walk
963 Vandermolen, Kelly Jarvis 25km Walk
1116 Vavasour, Cyn Waterloo 12.5km Walk
512 Venerus, Therese London 12.5km Walk
1052 Viret, Jeanne Pickering 12.5km Walk
506 Wiggins, Lori Oakville 12.5km Walk
738 Wilhelm, Julie Kitchener 12.5km Walk
969 Winstel, Jackie Waterloo 12.5km Walk
1005 Wong, Tara Oakville 12.5km Walk
1034 Zimmerman, Barbara Windsor 12.5km Walk
755 Zurell, Shelley Baden 25km Walk


25K Run
Bib # Name City Event
493 Adam, Greg Ayr 25km Run
678 Adams, Kerrie Port Dover 25km Run
1165 Adams, Julie Wellandport 25km Run
1017 Adler, Mark Thornhill 25km Run
935 Alcorta, Justin Stouffville 25km Run
1094 Alcorta, Jeremy London 25km Run
707 Allison, Deborah Port Carling 25km Run
884 Amaral, Paula Toronto 25km Run
470 Andrews, Ron Midhurst 25km Run
656 Andreychuk, Danielle Burlington 25km Run
621 Archer, April Quinte West 25km Run
1166 Armitage, Vicki Cambridge 25km Run
1136 Armstrong, Katherine Waterdown 25km Run
1022 Arnott, Lee Anne Whitby 25km Run
1021 Arnott, Colin Whitby 25km Run
1018 Ashby, Jarred Whitby 25km Run
793 Ashcroft, Anne Kitchener 25km Run
548 Ashton, Russ Cambridge 25km Run
1091 Aufricht, James Toronto 25km Run
443 Aziz, Arif Toronto 25km Run
912 Baglole, Donna Cambridge 25km Run
687 Bakker, Diane Mississauga 25km Run
1068 Baldwin, Rebecca Fergus 25km Run
888 Banerjee-wood, Lisa Callander 25km Run
1041 Barker, Andrew Oakville 25km Run
860 Barlen, Joseph Kitchener 25km Run
1073 Barlow-busch, Lisa Kitchener 25km Run
752 Barnes, Kent Kitchener 25km Run
751 Barnes, Laura Kitchener 25km Run
1028 Barr, Bill Elmira 25km Run
403 Barros, Danny Cambridge 25km Run
530 Bartley, Debra London 25km Run
501 Baylis, Jasmine Stittsville 25km Run
502 Baylis, Chris Stittsville 25km Run
1077 Beck, Shannon Waterloo 25km Run
1133 Beckim, Craig Toronto 25km Run
561 Belic, Cathy St. Catharines 25km Run
1095 Bell, Helen Victoria 25km Run
1096 Bell, Brian Victoria 25km Run
893 Bell-sparling, Holly Oakville 25km Run
942 Bellon, Ray Mississauga 25km Run
774 Bennett, Sylvia Mississauga 25km Run
1007 Benoit, Trish Waterloo 25km Run
683 Benwell, Tammy Waterloo 25km Run
684 Benwell, Michaela Waterloo 25km Run
490 Bernard, Carol Ann Kitchener 25km Run
1119 Bezerra, Arandi Guelph 25km Run
592 Blais, Genevieve Oro-medonte 25km Run
515 Blake, Ryan Barrie 25km Run
1079 Blakolmer, Dana Oshawa 25km Run
457 Bonkowski, Mark Paris 25km Run
1126 Boultbee, Melanie Toronto 25km Run
535 Bouvier, Caroline Burlington 25km Run
455 Bowen-smith, Nanette Fullarton 25km Run
760 Boyer, Alexandre Burlington 25km Run
842 Bracken, Colleen Cambridge 25km Run
577 Brandon, Ellen Waterloo 25km Run
600 Braun, Paul Kitchener 25km Run
845 Brennan, Darlene Demorestville 25km Run
554 Brenton, Jessica Cambridge 25km Run
449 Brewer, Hazel Guelph 25km Run
599 Brisbin, Dan Saskatoon Saskatchewan 25km Run
699 Broski, Laurel St. Catharines 25km Run
813 Brown, Audrey Oakville 25km Run
1117 Brunjes, Darren Clinton 25km Run
423 Buchanan, John London 25km Run
485 Buday, Marian Toronto 25km Run
645 Bullock, Rw Ancaster 25km Run
859 Burger, Kaye Cambridge 25km Run
1118 Burke, Brian London 25km Run
627 Burke, Brigid Toronto 25km Run
688 Butler, Pat Port Dover 25km Run
1149 Cage, Steven Kitchener 25km Run
929 Campbell, Colin Paris 25km Run
761 Cancellara, Mario St. Catharines 25km Run
830 Canino, Sandy Sarnia 25km Run
641 Capannelli, Dante Oakville 25km Run
839 Caplin, Colleen Kitchener 25km Run
562 Carey, Tim London 25km Run
827 Carlson, Roger Cambridge 25km Run
702 Caron, Heather Kitchener 25km Run
904 Carrick, Terry Etobicoke 25km Run
559 Cass, Lynn Burlington 25km Run
746 Cassey, Chris Acton 25km Run
953 Castle, Alan Grimsby 25km Run
1072 Causyn, Heather-jo Simcoe 25km Run
881 Cederberg, Mona Mississauga 25km Run
985 Ceroni, Lisa Toronto 25km Run
940 Chankseliany, Yana Vaughan 25km Run
978 Chapman, Hayley Oakville 25km Run
1164 Charland, Michael Wellesley 25km Run
944 Chartrand, Glenn North Bay 25km Run
945 Chartrand, Barbara North Bay 25km Run
679 Cheeseman, Marla Toronto 25km Run
1048 Chisholm, Scott Ancaster 25km Run
630 Chuback, Lynn Courtice 25km Run
743 Clark, Scott Simcoe 25km Run
677 Clarke, Jason Mount Hope 25km Run
494 Clarke, Lauren Burlington 25km Run
495 Clarke, Paul Burlington 25km Run
1088 Coderre, Melissa Brampton 25km Run
798 Colbeck, Jo Acton 25km Run
960 Colbeck, Matthew Acton 25km Run
415 Cole, Cory Millbrook 25km Run
578 Collins, Melissa Waterloo 25km Run
898 Collins, Joanne Etobicoke 25km Run
1076 Collins, Peter Cambridge 25km Run
616 Colosimo, Krista Toronto 25km Run
411 Compton, Diana Toronto 25km Run
522 Cook, Lorri Brampton 25km Run
995 Cook, Peter Hamilton 25km Run
543 Cooke-bithrey, Leslie Burlington 25km Run
1074 Cooper, Madison Mississauga 25km Run
525 Cooper, Deanna Oakville 25km Run
437 Copeman, Shaune Brantford 25km Run
956 Corkery, Anne Peterborough 25km Run
593 Cormack, Greg Oro-medonte 25km Run
1176 Coutts, Lauren Toronto 25km Run
789 Crawford, Liza Oakville 25km Run
704 Cressman, Bill Waterloo 25km Run
433 Crowther, David Kingsville 25km Run
432 Crowther, Lisa Kingsville 25km Run
829 Cullaton, Christina Whitby 25km Run
1045 Cullen, Andrew Etobicoke 25km Run
446 Culver, Linda Oakville 25km Run
576 Cummer, Greg Kitchener 25km Run
970 Curgenven, Lori Scarborough 25km Run
693 Currie, Lisaellen Oro Medonte 25km Run
655 Cutaia, Stephanie Burlington 25km Run
773 Cyr, Daniel Burlington 25km Run
629 Daechsel, Eric Newmarket 25km Run
617 Daechsel, Kurtis Newmarket 25km Run
639 Dalzell, Kristin Toronto 25km Run
442 Daoust, Summer Wahnapitae 25km Run
660 Davidson, Janet North Bay 25km Run
964 Davidson, Madeleine Burlington 25km Run
1027 Davis, Kenneth Markham 25km Run
1015 De Guzman, Dino Mississauga 25km Run
722 Decloedt, Andrea Paris 25km Run
941 Degasperis, Kim Waterloo 25km Run
580 Degraaf, Kira Kitchener 25km Run
781 Denny-lusk, Mary Anne Angus 25km Run
464 Deol, Lin Mississauga 25km Run
1075 Deutschmann, Rob Ayr 25km Run
928 Devries, Arnold Hamilton 25km Run
764 Dewar-birk, Karen Ayr 25km Run
478 Diaz, Carlos P Toronto 25km Run
833 Dickinson, Joanna Oakville 25km Run
902 Diodati, Jim Toronto 25km Run
680 Dobson, Carol Brampton 25km Run
690 Doidge, Bill Ancaster 25km Run
463 Domereckyj, Heather Ottawa 25km Run
569 Donaldson, Sandy Wroxeter 25km Run
419 Doogan, Kim Burlington 25km Run
1051 Douma, Calvin Cambridge 25km Run
526 Drouin, Samantha Ottawa 25km Run
925 Duench, Hayden Cambridge 25km Run
1125 Dunn, Graham Waterloo 25km Run
979 Earl, Sheila Ameliasburgh 25km Run
903 Eaton, Kelly Vittoria 25km Run
719 Edelenbos, Sylvia Toronto 25km Run
731 Eleid, Ray Mississauga 25km Run
767 Elliot, Carol Oakville 25km Run
856 Evangelista, Myrna Ajax 25km Run
997 Evans, Neal Toronto 25km Run
1101 Everson, Ellen Guelph 25km Run
1102 Faber, Ron St Jacobs 25km Run
469 Fakla, Laura St. Catharines 25km Run
551 Falconer, Sheri Hanover 25km Run
916 Fantin, Ann Oakville 25km Run
791 Fedoruk, Jim Toronto 25km Run
895 Fell, Lorne Stevensville 25km Run
896 Fell, Samantha Stevensville 25km Run
804 Ferguson, Michelle Kingston 25km Run
498 Ferren, John Peterborough 25km Run
980 Ferrier, Cameron Everett 25km Run
800 Fitton, Allison Toronto 25km Run
753 Fitzpatrick, Karen Cambridge 25km Run
435 Flaherty, Sue Port Dover 25km Run
418 Flemister, Kate Ayr 25km Run
1135 Fletcher, Liz Harrow 25km Run
1069 Flynn, Tj Cambridge 25km Run
1084 Forster, Heather Everett 25km Run
864 Fortin, Julie Etobicoke 25km Run
926 Foster-fulton, Susan North Bay 25km Run
637 Fowler, Bonnie Scarborough 25km Run
649 Francis, Gina Mississauga 25km Run
799 Frankland, Todd Brampton 25km Run
479 Fraser, Wendy Ilderton 25km Run
480 Fraser, Robert Ilderton 25km Run
545 Fredette, Gabrielle Oakville 25km Run
883 Freedman, Patricia Toronto 25km Run
401 Frey, Merlin Elmira 25km Run
1154 Friel, James Toronto 25km Run
1013 Fritsch, Kevin Leamington 25km Run
777 Frizzle, Kristina Burlington 25km Run
835 Fyffe-roberts, Maxine Mississauga 25km Run
733 G, Sarah Toronto 25km Run
676 Gallo, Jodi Hamilton 25km Run
905 Galloway, Paul Mount Hope 25km Run
492 Garisto, Angela Toronto 25km Run
587 Gaul, Steve Hamilton 25km Run
982 Gauss, Kelly Ajax 25km Run
946 Gautier, Pierre Bracebridge 25km Run
1146 Gee, Teresa London 25km Run
1107 Gee, Careesa Toronto 25km Run
1147 Gee, Stuart London 25km Run
413 Gerson, Bryan Concord 25km Run
962 Ghasempour, Ahmad Toronto 25km Run
725 Gilmore, Carissa St. Catharines 25km Run
471 Gladstone, Julie Brantford 25km Run
749 Glover, Rayanne Dundas 25km Run
663 Golka, Lori Stoney Creek 25km Run
894 Gomes, Nivia Toronto 25km Run
792 Gonsalves, Debbie Toronto 25km Run
1106 Goss, Kristy Cambridge 25km Run
814 Goulart, Dave Woodstock 25km Run
527 Gould, Ray Ottawa 25km Run
422 Grasset, Christopher Oakville 25km Run
405 Gravelle, Liette Ayr 25km Run
1143 Green, Ian Ottawa 25km Run
686 Green, Loretta Mississauga 25km Run
520 Greenspoon, Jeffrey Hamilton 25km Run
611 Greenwood, Doug Oakville 25km Run
672 Gregory-miller, Katie Hamilton 25km Run
877 Greiss, Brenda Oakville 25km Run
1085 Grobb, Crystal St. Catharines 25km Run
1151 Guest, Sandra Kitchener 25km Run
1112 Guroluk, Ali Waterloo 25km Run
406 Gushue, Maria Toronto 25km Run
820 Hagen, Jenn Ayr 25km Run
874 Hall, Darlene Oakville 25km Run
923 Hall, Elena Brantford 25km Run
568 Hall, Gavin Dundas 25km Run
646 Hall Bullock, Fran Ancaster 25km Run
973 Hamel, Nancy Waterloo 25km Run
828 Handel, John Milton 25km Run
1071 Hanel, Erich Ancaster 25km Run
951 Hardy, Greg Whitby 25km Run
937 Hargreaves, Kelly Cambridge 25km Run
1024 Harkey, Angela Burlington 25km Run
1063 Harkey, David Burlington 25km Run
810 Harrickey, Jessica Cambridge 25km Run
1109 Harte, Charlie Schomberg 25km Run
794 Heacock, Mandy Victoria Harbour 25km Run
1171 Heath, Samuel Toronto 25km Run
573 Hehn, Michelle Kitchener 25km Run
984 Heinbecker, Doug Hamilton 25km Run
866 Henderson, Graham Mississauga 25km Run
1132 Henderson, John Mulmur 25km Run
996 Hendy, Madeleine Waterloo 25km Run
965 Herold, Nicholas Thornhill 25km Run
440 Hertel, Amanda Kitchener 25km Run
776 Hewitt, Ted Burlington 25km Run
414 Hodgson, Amy Ayr 25km Run
815 Hodson, Peter Kitchner 25km Run
1067 Hopkins, Cathy St. Catharines 25km Run
869 Howieson, Joan St. Catharines 25km Run
899 Hoysa, James Milton 25km Run
855 Hreljac, Jon Paris 25km Run
818 Hum, J Toronto 25km Run
882 Hunt, Carole Kitchener 25km Run
540 Hutton, Fraser Elmira 25km Run
619 Hutton, Tim Brantford 25km Run
661 Huynh, Kevin Hamilton 25km Run
653 Isert Bender, Matthew Plattsville 25km Run
908 Jackson, Blister Beamsville 25km Run
907 Jackson, Amanda Hamilton 25km Run
897 Jacobs, Crystal Kitchener 25km Run
511 Janicki, Ryan Ottawa 25km Run
936 Jeffrey, Kathryn Kitchener 25km Run
915 Jeske, Cathy Burlington 25km Run
726 Jessome, Nicole Hamilton 25km Run
861 Jez, Janine Teeswater 25km Run
1049 Johnson, Gary London 25km Run
590 Johnston, Laurie Hamilton 25km Run
596 Jolly, Rani Burlington 25km Run
481 Jones, Judy Corunna 25km Run
717 Jones, Linda London 25km Run
939 Joukov, Vladimir Thornhill 25km Run
620 Just, Kate Belleville 25km Run
468 Kankula, Krista London 25km Run
851 Kavanagh, Allison Burlington 25km Run
1009 Kay, Peter Burlington 25km Run
972 Keathley, Chris London 25km Run
460 Keller, Sue Hamilton 25km Run
1175 Kelly, Taylor Cornwall 25km Run
1174 Kelly, Patrick Ottawa 25km Run
721 Kemp, Heather Kitchener 25km Run
1130 Kennedy, Linette Beamsville 25km Run
868 Kennedy, Terry Southampton 25km Run
867 Kennedy, Andrew Brantford 25km Run
1139 Khalil, Leen Kitchener 25km Run
447 Khan, Saleem Mississauga 25km Run
1128 Kilfoil, Doreen Milton 25km Run
421 Kirk, Linda Georgetown 25km Run
858 Knoll, Jennifer Toronto 25km Run
1105 Koenig, Christina Waterloo 25km Run
844 Kooistra, Trevor Ancaster 25km Run
787 Kover, Anita Ottawa 25km Run
534 Kraja, Sadeta Kitchener 25km Run
971 Kubassek, Jamie Conestogo 25km Run
1066 Kucan, Mike Oakville 25km Run
952 Kulcke, Carsten Schwyz Switzerland 25km Run
474 Kushnerenko, Susanne Montreal 25km Run
448 Kussner, Tanya Lakefield 25km Run
1059 Kwietniowski, Chris Cambridge 25km Run
771 Kwik, Dan Guelph 25km Run
670 Kyles, Jennifer Guelph 25km Run
1092 Kyte, Brad Toronto 25km Run
1144 Ladubec, Chris Waterloo 25km Run
723 Laird, Iona Oakville 25km Run
1031 Lam, Terena Callander 25km Run
922 Lamarre, Katie Rockwood 25km Run
597 Lambert, Brenda London 25km Run
438 Lambert, Robyn Windham Centre 25km Run
917 Lamesse, Anne London 25km Run
623 Lane, Natasha Toronto 25km Run
790 Langer, Sara Kitchener 25km Run
766 Langer, Clint Kitchener 25km Run
632 Lavender, Steve Guelph 25km Run
1064 Lavigne, Tracey Stoney Creek 25km Run
1061 Lawrance, Kelli-an Burlington 25km Run
961 Lecsek, Robert Cambridge 25km Run
759 Lee Yuen, Richard Thornhill 25km Run
671 Legge, Kelly Guelph 25km Run
765 Lehner, Angela Kitchener 25km Run
1082 Leno, Greg Kitchener 25km Run
1083 Leno, Deanna Kitchener 25km Run
1152 Leskien, Lisa Cambridge 25km Run
1115 Leslie, Emily Hamilton 25km Run
1161 Levasseur, Liam Oakville 25km Run
564 Levasseur, John Oakville 25km Run
1167 Levesque, Bonnie Carleton Place 25km Run
1012 Levine, Tabitha Leamington 25km Run
739 Lightbound, Liz Mississauga 25km Run
1097 Little, Steven Goderich 25km Run
1098 Little, Emily Goderich 25km Run
1148 Littlejohn, Brandon Cambridge 25km Run
615 Lloyd, Jim Guelph 25km Run
1108 Lobo, Raymond Hamilton 25km Run
991 Lord, Katherine Toronto 25km Run
668 Lott, Rodney Stoney Creek 25km Run
1157 Lott, Deanna Belleville 25km Run
427 Ludlow, William Lachine Quebec 25km Run
703 Lumb, Cathy Kitchener 25km Run
906 Macdonald Carey, Karen Hamilton 25km Run
862 Mackie, Paula Wingham 25km Run
999 Mackinnon, Patrick Mount Hope 25km Run
1060 Macleod, Scott Cambridge 25km Run
727 Macnamara, Claire Toronto 25km Run
763 Maher, Amy Puslinch 25km Run
1157 Maheux, Sonya Hamilton 25km Run
565 Major, Chris Amherstburg 25km Run
566 Major, Colleen Amherstburg 25km Run
849 Malcolm, Duncan Guelph 25km Run
825 Mallon, Bridget Ottawa 25km Run
780 Manning, Laura Cambridge 25km Run
806 Marchese, Elaine Alton 25km Run
712 Martell, Brian Montreal 25km Run
643 Mason, Craig Guelph 25km Run
533 Mathieu, Natalie Listowel 25km Run
720 Matysek, Paul Toronto 25km Run
784 Mcalpine, Michael London 25km Run
807 Mccallum, Beth Simcoe 25km Run
977 Mccluskey, Patrick Scarborough 25km Run
546 Mcconnell, Mark Ancaster 25km Run
700 Mcdonald, Cathleen (cathy) Waterloo 25km Run
989 Mcdonald, John Waterloo 25km Run
552 Mcdowell, Rick Ajax 25km Run
932 Mcgregor, Duncan Perth Road 25km Run
1090 Mcinerney, Erin Whitby 25km Run
778 Mcintyre, Stephanie Waterloo 25km Run
779 Mcintyre, Dave Waterloo 25km Run
741 Mcisaac, Alicia Halifax Nova Scotia 25km Run
1011 Mckay, Trevor Burlington 25km Run
1160 Mckee, Don Mississauga 25km Run
626 McLeod, Rob Whitby 25km Run
582 Mcrae, Rob Kitchener 25km Run
1129 Medford, Ricardo Toronto 25km Run
572 Megin, Ginny Burlington 25km Run
1054 Melo, Patricia Mississauga 25km Run
644 Menzies, Carly Cambridge 25km Run
553 Menzies, Jennifer Cambridge 25km Run
968 Mesquita, Jonathan Waterloo 25km Run
441 Michel, Maria Cambridge 25km Run
808 Miller, Brad Simcoe 25km Run
715 Minkarious, Jon Toronto 25km Run
921 Mirie, Gicheru Kitchener 25km Run
718 Mitchell, Gwyneth Kitchener 25km Run
642 Mitchell, Beth Guelph 25km Run
817 Montgomery, Mark Belwood 25km Run
436 Montgomery, Deborah Victoria Harbour 25km Run
1156 Monti, Teri Rockwood 25km Run
947 Moore, Stephen Burlington 25km Run
975 Moore, Bronwen Toronto 25km Run
682 Morden, Russell Thornhill 25km Run
571 Morgan, Jonathan Waterloo 25km Run
846 Morgan, Robert Guelph 25km Run
524 Morrison, Sarah Burlington 25km Run
459 Morrison, Sean Camlachie 25km Run
458 Morrison, Sue Camlachie 25km Run
431 Morrow, Krista Victoria Harbour 25km Run
1179 Morrow, Joe Toronto 25km Run
924 Morrow, Tracey Rockwood 25km Run
832 Muenzer, Jenn Mississauga 25km Run
711 Muir, Nancy Mississauga 25km Run
716 Munro, Don London 25km Run
900 Murdock, Tara Midland 25km Run
606 Murphy, Lorraine Barrie 25km Run
913 Murray, Barry Waterloo 25km Run
488 Murty, Mala London 25km Run
976 Mylvaganam, Katarina Toronto 25km Run
1033 Nadjiwon, Jody Sudbury 25km Run
1062 Nehring, Ben Bright 25km Run
1070 Nehring, Carla Bright 25km Run
618 Nelson, Greg Oakville 25km Run
507 Nelson, Reed Toronto 25km Run
847 Nelson, Simon Toronto 25km Run
1159 Nelsons, Bonnie Belle Ewart 25km Run
654 Ng, Linda Thornbury 25km Run
658 Ng, Kayla Waterloo 25km Run
770 Nguyen, Linda North York 25km Run
636 Nielsen, Lisa Kitchener 25km Run
451 Nikkari, Cynthia Whitby 25km Run
450 Nikkari, Brad Whitby 25km Run
1037 Nixon, Tim Carlisle 25km Run
665 Norris, Lois Kitchener 25km Run
1039 Nyitray, Chloe Hamilton 25km Run
1155 Oatman, Charles Rockwood 25km Run
669 Oconnor, Dara Toronto 25km Run
795 Ogden, Mike Orillia 25km Run
852 Ohlhausen, Christine Wellesley 25km Run
837 Onyett-jeffries, Katherine Toronto 25km Run
477 Opferkuch, Matthew Cambridge 25km Run
1008 Pacheco, Joe Oakville 25km Run
1137 Page, Kristen Oakville 25km Run
424 Palmer, John Ayr 25km Run
730 Palmer, Jane Guelph 25km Run
635 Park, Peter Georgina 25km Run
664 Pasion, Stella Guelph 25km Run
1040 Patton, Nicole Oakville 25km Run
1023 Pauls, Jo Kitchener 25km Run
402 Payne, Tanya Waterloo 25km Run
747 Pedlow, Steven Toronto 25km Run
603 Perez, Bayardo Toronto 25km Run
425 Perge, Michael Oakville 25km Run
602 Perschbacher, Kristina Toronto 25km Run
954 Peternel, Beth Iona Station 25km Run
762 Petersen, Trish Mississauga 25km Run
1114 Petrik, Andrei Whitby 25km Run
521 Petrik, Shawn Guelph 25km Run
609 Pettingill, Steven Newtown PA USA 25km Run
933 Phillips, Janice Port Colborne 25km Run
400 Phillips, Ntb Thornhill 25km Run
557 Pierson, Tom Toronto 25km Run
536 Pitts, Andrea Oakville 25km Run
538 Plourde, Mark Kitchener 25km Run
1099 Popp, Renee North Bay 25km Run
439 Porter, Lindsay Guelph 25km Run
685 Porter, Michele Mississauga 25km Run
872 Powell, Catherine Toronto 25km Run
583 Price, Laura Toronto 25km Run
831 Quinn, Paul Toronto 25km Run
1142 Ragetlie, Henri St.catharines 25km Run
404 Rahn, Darlene Guelph 25km Run
417 Rahn, David Guelph 25km Run
698 Ralphs, Janet Kitchener 25km Run
745 Ramirez, Mario Oakville 25km Run
476 Randall, Christy Cambridge 25km Run
920 Rathwell, Michelle Belleville 25km Run
659 Raz, Michael Woodlawn 25km Run
994 Rea, Fiona Burlington 25km Run
796 Rea, Stephen Oakville 25km Run
871 Reardon, Roberta London 25km Run
873 Reardon, John London 25km Run
589 Reimer, Janette Burlington 25km Run
598 Rengger, Terrence London 25km Run
816 Richardson, Darleen Oakville 25km Run
697 Riihimaki, Gail St. Catharines 25km Run
1032 Rivet, Kim North Bay 25km Run
809 Rix, Michael Mississauga 25km Run
633 Robertson, Catriona Napanee 25km Run
706 Robinson, Clare London 25km Run
1030 Robson, Tara Toronto 25km Run
579 Roest, Mark Waterloo 25km Run
529 Rogers, Samantha Brantford 25km Run
508 Rongits Ruber, Carrie Wainfleet 25km Run
483 Rooke, Vicki Oakville 25km Run
1103 Root, Michele Ajax 25km Run
426 Rose, Raeann Lachine Quebec 25km Run
729 Rosilius, Rob Barrie 25km Run
728 Rosilius, Crystal Barrie 25km Run
640 Ross, Whit Hamilton 25km Run
834 Rothschild, Cynthia Richmond Hill 25km Run
575 Rousseau, Dominique Oakville 25km Run
691 Rudd, Kristen Erin 25km Run
701 Rutledge, Michelle Mississauga 25km Run
496 Saban, Shireen Waterloo 25km Run
1044 Saile, Patrick Ancaster 25km Run
1113 Salvendy, Oscar Thornhill 25km Run
465 Sanghera, Karmjit Oakville 25km Run
714 Sardellitti, Susie Toronto 25km Run
666 Scanlon, Terry Oakville 25km Run
1150 Scheele, Thies Waterloo 25km Run
574 Schenck, Monique Kitchener 25km Run
890 Schmidt, Brian Oakville 25km Run
1080 Schott, Kim Simcoe 25km Run
410 Schwalm, Carmen Toronto 25km Run
1141 Schweyer, Mary Elizabeth Sudbury 25km Run
732 Sedore, Eric Toronto 25km Run
1162 Seeds, Jim Waterford 25km Run
892 Sellors, Joanne Burlington 25km Run
651 Serviss, Lynne Hamilton 25km Run
930 Shames, Phil Hamilton 25km Run
769 Shane, Crystal Burlington 25km Run
452 Sharland, Tom Brooklin 25km Run
1089 Shores, Bevin Dundas 25km Run
788 Shurtleff, Bruce Ottawa 25km Run
622 Siegrist, Tyler Guelph 25km Run
1019 Sikkema, Charlie Hamilton 25km Run
1046 Silva, Joe Mississauga 25km Run
955 Simser, Cheryle Bracebridge 25km Run
445 Sinn, Susan Oakville 25km Run
1120 Skarzynski, Chad Rochester 25km Run
1100 Smicikals, Scott Carlisle 25km Run
467 Smith, Addison Sarnia 25km Run
472 Smith, Madelyn Oakville 25km Run
466 Smith, Michele Sarnia 25km Run
782 Smith, Cameron Oakville 25km Run
918 Smith, Ronald Barrie 25km Run
889 Smith, Glenn Mississauga 25km Run
863 Smith, Stephanie Toronto 25km Run
434 Snelgrove, Ronald Kitchener 25km Run
880 Sousa, Therese Hamilton 25km Run
541 Sovran, Alan Toronto 25km Run
454 Spackman, Rob Kitchener 25km Run
1038 Spellman, Christine Midhurst 25km Run
1029 Spencer, Claretia Mississauga 25km Run
705 St Louis, Rebecca Ayr 25km Run
542 Stearns, Rosemary Hamilton 25km Run
853 Steele, Dave Guelph 25km Run
487 Stemshorn, May Mississauga 25km Run
486 Stemshorn, Ron Mississauga 25km Run
959 Stewart, Glen Cambridge 25km Run
547 Stickland, Sheila Burlington 25km Run
586 Stinchcombe, Cassandra Hamilton 25km Run
539 Stockford, Sarah Petersburg 25km Run
544 Stoneburgh, Allison Burlington 25km Run
841 Strong, Yuri Oakville 25km Run
475 Strong, Sue Mississauga 25km Run
695 Sulkye, Deanna Hanover 25km Run
938 Swan, Sandi Kitchener 25km Run
608 Szumila, Michele Newtown PA USA 25km Run
772 Tanner, Connie Ayr 25km Run
785 Tate, Sheila Burlington 25km Run
428 Taylor, Gordon Oakville 25km Run
456 Taylor, Leanne Fullarton 25km Run
407 Taylor, John Cambridge 25km Run
993 Taylor, Colleen Burlington 25km Run
625 Taylor, Mark Cambridge 25km Run
811 Tennant, Taelor Kitchener 25km Run
1042 Thacker, Russell Burlington 25km Run
748 Thomas, Mohan Kitchener 25km Run
821 Thompson, Jo-anne Oakville 25km Run
567 Thompson, Shereen Crystal Beach 25km Run
909 Thompson, Jeanette Cambridge 25km Run
1087 Tickner, Mike Kitchener 25km Run
489 Tokarz, Catherine Fergus 25km Run
1138 Tom, Frank Toronto 25km Run
408 Torchetti, Concetta Etobicoke 25km Run
1122 Trafford, Cliff Brampton 25km Run
974 Turkstra, Mark Dundas 25km Run
528 Turner, John Burlington 25km Run
631 Tyson, Doug Guelph 25km Run
1053 Umanetz, Coffee Kitchener 25km Run
509 Umbrico, Linda Kitchener 25km Run
812 Valair, Leslie Caledonia 25km Run
461 Van Driel, Peter Waterloo 25km Run
1169 Van Kooten, Kevin Mount Elgin 25km Run
523 Vandenburg, Wendy Hamilton 25km Run
694 Vanderende, Bonnie Orillia 25km Run
998 Vanmiddelem, Bert Dundas 25km Run
1145 Vanos, Robilyn Waterloo 25km Run
875 Venne, Brandi Astorville 25km Run
876 Venne, Jonathan Astorville 25km Run
740 Veras, Natalie Waterloo 25km Run
838 Verbovszky, Jason Toronto 25km Run
657 Verspagen, Brian St. Clements 25km Run
1020 Vibert, John Kitchener 25km Run
713 Villanoy, Joseph Toronto 25km Run
836 Von Wallis, Karin St. Catharines 25km Run
992 Vos, Paul Toronto 25km Run
638 Vriezen, Frank Cambridge 25km Run
1025 Wachner, Thomas Grimsby 25km Run
943 Wagenknecht, Caitie Kitchener 25km Run
768 Wagner, Jennifer Severn 25km Run
797 Walford, Penny Waterloo 25km Run
696 Walker, Jennifer Hanover 25km Run
1081 Walker, Gail Simcoe 25km Run
957 Waller, Lorraine Hamilton 25km Run
555 Walters, Jeff Monroe 25km Run
556 Walters, Terri Monroe 25km Run
412 Ward, Steve Etobicoke 25km Run
724 Ward, Robin London 25km Run
742 Warford, Roxanne Waterloo 25km Run
919 Warren, Sandra Mount Hope 25km Run
708 Warwick, Kim Parry Sound 25km Run
673 Wasiewicz, Laurell Kitchener 25km Run
1123 Waters, Daniel Brampton 25km Run
966 Waterson, Maureen Thornhill 25km Run
1134 Watt, Jenny London 25km Run
634 Weatherall, Jenn Waterloo 25km Run
675 Weatherill, Leanne Bowmanville 25km Run
416 Weiss, Brenda Waterloo 25km Run
497 Wells, Daniel Schomberg 25km Run
775 Wetzler, Brian Kitchener 25km Run
885 Wharton, Tanya Toronto 25km Run
612 Whitaker, Neil Cayuga 25km Run
744 White, Brendan London 25km Run
843 White, Thomas Burlington 25km Run
865 White, Cheryl Toronto 25km Run
516 Whiteford, Melissa Cambridge 25km Run
901 Whitton, Jennifer Port Dover 25km Run
662 Wierenga, Michele Stoney Creek 25km Run
430 Wilcock, Ross London 25km Run
754 Wilde, Jennifer Oakville 25km Run
1104 Wilewska, Jolanta Toronto 25km Run
1168 Wilkinson, Daphne Hanover 25km Run
409 Willenbrecht, Holly Etobicoke 25km Run
988 Williams, Michael Val Therese 25km Run
628 Williams, Lori Courtice 25km Run
710 Wilson, Derek Mississauga 25km Run
709 Wilson, Ingrid Mississauga 25km Run
734 Wilson, Kristin Burlington 25km Run
1014 Wing, Debbie Wainfleet 25km Run
473 Wisniowski, Jan Montreal 25km Run
857 Wong, Sandra Toronto 25km Run
1010 Wonnacott, Adam Whitby 25km Run
887 Wood, Russell Callander 25km Run
803 Worley, Greg Guelph 25km Run
802 Worley, Karyn Guelph 25km Run
850 Wright, Shane Welland 25km Run
854 Wyatt, Julie Uxbridge 25km Run
1036 Yates, Amanda North Bay 25km Run
624 Yendt, Robert Kitchener 25km Run
1140 Young, Josh Toronto 25km Run
519 Zebedee, Mollie Brampton 25km Run
1172 Zhang, Jane Toronto 25km Run



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