Event Name

Wellwood Walk/Run/Wheel 2018

Charity Name

Wellwood Resource Centre of Hamilton



Fundraising for the event is now closed. Please contact/visit the Charity/Partner website to make a donation

Dave Fraser

  • Goal: $250.00
  • Raised : $250.00
  • 100% achived

My Sponsors

Frank Fraser$75.00
Tracy Milne$40.00
Mima Micic$35.00
Hope Burnside$30.00
Brennan Solecky$25.00
More Details

Message from Charity

Thank you for sponsoring one of our enthusiastic participants in the 20th annual Walk/Run/Wheel for Colorectal Cancer Awareness. We are grateful for your generosity and appreciate your support of our work at Wellwood, where we provide a wide range of free support programs to help people to live well with cancer.

My Message

Do you hate cancer? Of course you do!

Do you love the idea of me getting up early on a Sunday morning to run a 5K? Of course you do!

Since this love/hate concept speaks to you, why not throw a little coin my way as I gear up for the 20th Wellwood Run for Colorectal Cancer Awareness at McMaster this month!? 

I have no illusions that it'll be easy ... but I'm pretty sure living with cancer isn't, either. So this is what I do to try and help ... and donating $10, $20, $50 or more is what I'm asking you to do to help!