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Railway City Road Races 2018

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St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation

Fundraising for the event is now closed. Please contact/visit the Charity/Partner website to make a donation

Dan Aitken

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Message from Charity

Since the Foundation’s inception in 1985, the community has stood shoulder to shoulder to support the work of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital.
The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital started out as a humble small town Hospital, but now serves as a model of innovative and fact-based patient care excellence for cities, towns and villages throughout Southwestern Ontario.
The Foundation has invested more than $25 million in our Hospital. In fact, the quality of care that the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital offers to our community today is testament to the impact of your continued philanthropy and proof that it is money well spent. 
Ultimately, our goal is to have a measurable impact on the quality of healthcare delivered at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital by:
1. Investing in 21st Century medical equipment, as well as the simple dignities of life.
2. Investing in the physical infrastructure of our Hospital.
3. Investing in the education and training of our nurses.

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