Event Name

Run for Rachael 2018

Charity Name

The Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton


Fundraising for the event is now closed. Please contact/visit the Charity/Partner website to make a donation

Kevin DeMattos

  • Goal: $100.00
  • Raised : $75.00
  • 75% achived

My Sponsors

Tita DeMattos$50.00
Kim DeMattos$25.00

Message from Charity

Funds Raised Will Be Donated to the Suicide Prevention Community Council

The money raised this year will be supporting the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, focusing of education, training, community awareness, stigma reduction and advocacy.

Targeted areas include:
1. Education: evidence-based educational programs will be organized for community participants interested in being able to engage in meaningful prevention activities.
2. Student Engagement: the SPCCH has introduced a collaborative program working with the mental health leads of both public and catholic school boards to provide student-led, teacher facilitated mental health grants. These grants funds student initiatives to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and foster help seeking behaviour. This culminates in an annual conference where students share their projects and outcomes achieved.
3. Peer Support: funds raised will be used to help support families either touched by suicide or concerned about friends or family members through the creation of a peer support program.

My Message



i am am running a 10km race to help raise funds for Suicide Prevention Hamilton.


This race is a small step in raiseing the funds needed to give each person in need the help they need to fight the battle they are facing. 


Help me me in funding this great cause by donating and also fueling me to run my best race.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


Kevin DeMattos