Event Name

Hamilton Marathon 2015

Charity Name

Save the Mothers

Fundraising for the event is now closed. Please contact/visit the Charity/Partner website to make a donation

Sarah Elliott

  • Goal: $500.00
  • Raised : $90.00
  • 18% achived

My Sponsors

Rebekah Pullen$60.00
Joyce MacKay$20.00
Naomi Pullen$10.00
Sarah Elliott$0.00

Message from Charity

Save the Mothers is an international organization that equips professionals (from a wide array of disciplines) in developing countries to improve the health of mothers and babies. Through their specific vocations, graduates of our Master in Public Health Leadership program become influencers for positive societal change, working to overcome preventable maternal death.

My Message

Many of you may know I run...a lot. I don't normally fundraise for my runs, but this year is different. This year I am excited to come home and run for Save the Mothers. This international organization aims to improve the health of mothers and babies in Uganda. 

Something to think about: in the 20th century, pregnancy and childbirth killed more than tuberculosis, suicide, traffic accidents and AIDs, combined.

Please help support & I promise to run exrra fast!