June 16, 2018

Online registrations will close at 6pm on Jun 13, 2018

Confirmed Participants

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Number of entrants to date: 51

First Name Last Name Event
Edie Adams 6-7year
Molly Adams 10-11year
Nolan Armstrong 8-9year
Arianna Arriechi 6-7year
Azalea Bourgeois 8-9year
Owen Cahill 10-11year
Jackson Cahill 6-7year
Liam Cahill 8-9year
trevor cotton 8-9year
Benjamin Devine 8-9year
Owen Devine 8-9year
Seville Eastman 6-7year
Jackson Elphinstone 10-11year
Michele Elphinstone Adult (18 or older)
Jack Ershler 8-9year
Oliver Galeteanu 6-7year
Nicolas Galeteanu 10-11year
Nico Harris 3-5year
Asha Harris 8-9year
Rachel Hunt 10-11year
Noah Hunt 14-15year
Emma Jennings 8-9year
Ethan Jennings 6-7year
Nina Kocan 3-5year
Isabella Kocan 6-7year
Lukas Kussmann 8-9year
Kian Kussmann 6-7year
Kieran Lauzon 3-5year
Kayla Lauzon 6-7year
Rein Lilles 10-11year
Jesse Lilles 8-9year
SALOME MARTIN Adult (18 or older)
JESSE MARTIN 12-13year
SCHUBERT MARTIN Adult (18 or older)
Sloane Montcalm 6-7year
Lauren Nagy 3-5year
Leah Nagy 6-7year
Kayli Olivieri 10-11year
Jack Parker 8-9year
Tristan Portelli 8-9year
Anna Poutanen 10-11year
Sophie Poutanen 8-9year
Connor Roath 8-9year
Hannah Roath 10-11year
Andy Rutledge 12-13year
Tomas Scott 8-9year
Camden Scott 10-11year
Taylor Solman 8-9year
Carson Solman 6-7year
Sophia Su 10-11year
Ella Sun 6-7year